Covid Update July 30, 2021

Good Friday afternoon, PFPC family and friends.

Many of you will be aware that our Vacation Bible School was this past week. After a great start, our VBS director received the news on Tuesday that one of the parents (who had not been in our building) had tested positive for Covid. Masks were required for Tuesday evening, but afterwards Johanna and her team made the difficult decision to close down VBS for the remaining two nights. They later received news that one of the infected parent’s children (who had been in the building) had also tested positive. At no time were any of the participants in VBS in the sanctuary. 

Soon after the decision to close VBS was made, our trusty Covid Response Team sprang into action. The following recommendations were made by the Response Team and approved by the 


  •  This Sunday’s church service will be held in person and on Zoom as usual.
  • Masks will be required for all parishioners and visitors regardless of vaccination status for indoor worship. This is in accordance with the latest CDC guidance. New Kent County is an area of high transmission. Until that designation changes, we will follow the guidance from the CDC around mask-wearing. This is temporary.
  • Speakers and anthem singers in the chancel (area around pulpit) may speak and sing without a mask.
  • Seating and social distancing guidance for PFPC will remain unchanged. Individuals may sit where and with whoever they would like.
  • These changes will not affect next week’s church picnic. That should proceed as scheduled on August 8.
  • The educational wing, the affected area, will be closed for seven days to congregants and visitors. Staff may continue to work in their offices. It will reopen on Wednesday, August 4.

This coming Sunday I will be preaching from the book of Exodus on the wilderness wanderings of the people of God. This passage happened to be one of the lectionary readings for August 1, but I would have been hard pressed to find one that is more appropriate for the times we are living in. It sometimes feels as though we, too, are wandering in the wilderness, uncertain what new surprises and challenges lie ahead. There’s one thing we can be confident of, though. Just as God was with the people of Israel during their years in the desert, so God will be with us during these days of uncertainty. 

You can be assured that your leaders will continue to seek God’s wisdom as we make decisions in the days and weeks ahead. Please pray for the members of your Session and your Covid Response Team…and your pastor! I will be on vacation from August 2-23, but I’ll look forward to being back in the office on August 24 and back in the pulpit on August 29.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Nancy

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