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Letter to the Congregation on the opening of PFPC

Dear Congregation,

I know we were all thrilled with the opportunity to have Zoom up and running in our sanctuary – it was so nice to see our church, especially with holding communion there.  Thank you so much to our Worship Team for getting us to this point!  It’s not only good for our current times, but it will make a difference in the future!

Many of you have been wondering about the re-opening of Providence Forge Presbyterian Church.  We apologize for having you wait for a decision, but there is much to consider and sometimes it seems like we’re aiming at a moving target. 

Our current goal of a modified re-opening has been established for the week of September 14th. We will continue using Zoom in our sanctuary for worship service until then. Our plan is for Sunshine Nursery School to open its doors on Tuesday, September 15th.

We are working on what our worship services will be at that time. Much depends on what the guidelines of our state, the CDC, and federal government are in the future. When our church is re-opened all appropriate guidelines will be followed. Currently some of these are:

  • Face masks must be worn at all times
  • Social distancing will be enforced:
    • 6 feet between individuals
    • 50% capacity of any room in the church
    • At this time that means 30 and 35 people in the sanctuary at a maximum or what is appropriate for all other rooms
  • No music other than an organist/pianist and possibly one vocalist in the sanctuary.
  • No printed material will be allowed or all printed material will be collected and disposed of in sanitary manner after each service/function.
  • Any room of the church will be thoroughly cleaned/sanitized after each use.

If guidelines are altered by our state, the CDC, or the federal government, we will make adjustments. 

Peace to each and every one of you!

PFPC Session