Pocahontas Trail Property

Southeast.Northwest Elevation 10.8.17

Southwest.Northeast Elevation 10.8.17


We are currently on version 2 of preliminary drawings.  With no major changes from this last review needed we will get the entire set of blue prints drawn with the next goal of using those plans to specifically bid the project.


Review of changes:

  • Extended Sanctuary closet almost entire width of wall between 2 entry doors to increase storage space
  • Added covered entries to 3 of the 4 exterior doors.
  • Add walk-in closet to Sunday School room.  Was a long, deep closet accessible from the hall.  Now split in half with door from Sunday School to store materials.
  • Relocated water heater location from closet between main baths to mechanical room
  • Added baby changing stations to men’s and women’s bathroom and will be located on the sides of the vanities
  • Kitchen changes
  1.  Moved island prep sink to other side to face fridges
  2. Drew in 2nd fridge
  3. Moved location of range to the corner
  4. Stopped counter short of hallway and added a 5’x5′ walk in pantry
  5. Showed countertop along walls where it was not present before
  6. Added pass thru just right of hallway door
  7. Added double doors from kitchen to sanctuary.  Idea is that the doors would be closed during service but then could open and be another pass thru for quick access from the kitchen.
  • Overhaul of Mechanical, pastor and lobby area
  1. Changed orientation and depth of mechanical room.  Added an exterior door for contractor access directly from outdoors.  There is also a doorway from the storage closet inside.
  2. Changed pastor’s office orientation while maintaining proposed size.  Now has access from secretary and hallway.
  3. Added a unisex powder room at front corner of lobby to be a quick access bathroom during a service.
  • Showed stone veneer behind the exterior cross on the back of the sanctuary and changed the brick to grade skirt to stone veneer to match.


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