Pocahontas Trail Property Committee

PFPC’s Mission Statement: To further God’s Kingdom on Earth, one soul at a time.
PTP Team members are:
Ayars Lore, Chair, Paul Robinson, Gilda Black, Cathy Davis, Hayden VanDyke, Barbara Lore & Bill Hopke. It is the Team & Session’s sincere hope and desire that everyone in our congregation express their thoughts to this team. During this journey we as a committee of the congregation must choose what is the best decision concerning PTP for our continued service to our God and his Son, Jesus.
PTP Background Information:
Since 1766 our congregation has worshiped in more than a few locations and for 75 years under the name of Providence Forge Presbyterian Church, and now we have taken the first step on our path into the future. On Wednesday, April 1, 2009 church members Martha Martin, Dwight Johnson, Pastor Steve Hodges, Ayars Lore, Susanna Hickman, Howard Gammon, John Phelps & Paul Robinson attended the closing for our new property located at 10100 Pocahontas Trail. The church purchased 12.9 acres from Gwynn Prideaux and Edwin Rhyne. This purchase marks the end of a 5 ½ year search and the beginning of a new era for our congregation.

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