PTP Update

Pocahontas Trail Property Team Update

The PTP Team’s first meeting was on Monday December 6th and the next is scheduled for December 28th.

The first step in this evaluation process is to gather all pertinent information, this has begun. Some of the information which the committee is researching is: a current property appraisal, similar property values, income and expenses to date, finances and tax exemptions, how the property could be used in the near future and asking the congregation what their observations and requirements are.

When all pertinent information has been gathered and analyzed, the committee will than bring this information to the congregation so that it can be discussed and prioritized. However, as this process continues the team asks that all members and friends of our church express to any member of the team their views on how the property should fit into the Church’s future plans for serving our God.

 The members of this team are: Paul Robinson, Cathy Davis, Bill Hopke, Barbara Lore, Hayden Van Dyke, Gilda Black, and Ayars Lore, Committee Chair.

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