Building and Grounds Committee

Ayars Lore – Elder Chair
Members include Jim Watts, Pete Adamson, Chris Christian, Keith Fuhrmeister, Hayden VanDyke, Bonnie Daniel, Perry Adcock and John Daugherty. 
The committee maintains all of the facilities of the church. Arranges for periodic congregational work sessions, clean-up days, and supervises the janitorial services. The committee updates the Session concerning the repairs and replacements that will be needed throughout the year. They work with the Worship Committee and staff to maintain a checklist for the operation of heating/cooling and lighting controls for scheduled activities and meetings throughout the year. 

PTP – Facilities Committee

Ayars Lore – Elder Chair

Members include Jim Watts, Pete Adamson, Chris Christian, Keith Fuhrmeister, Hayden VanDyke and Perry Adcock.

The Committee maintains all PTP facilities and arranges with the tenant to complete repairs as necessary. It works closely with the rental agent insuring the property is being used properly by the tenant. The committee updates Session the financial status of the property and advises Session when repairs are required. 

PTP – Ad Hoc Committee – Dismissed April 2022

PFPC’s Mission Statement: To further God’s Kingdom on Earth, one soul at a time.

PTP – Oversight Committee

Members and responsibility TBD

Christian Education Committee

Patty Robinson, Elder Chair
Members – Cathy Davis, Gilda Black, Johanna Davis, Allison Christian, Donna Gammon, Jo White, Jane VanDyke, Chris Christian, Ginny Adamson, & Davis Gammon. 
The committee oversees the education and nurture of adults, youth and children in Sunday School & Youth Group. A fully graded church school program for all ages is offered at 10AM every Sunday morning during the school year. Additionally the committee provides such programs as Bible study, fellowship activities, Vacation Bible School and Sunshine Nursery School, which offers a creative environment for preschoolers to develop spiritually, emotionally and mentally in a climate of Christian love. Committee generally meets on the third Sunday at 8:30AM. 
Women’s Bible Study – Meet every Monday 10-11:30AM in the                          Fellowship Hall or Zoom.
Men’s Bible Study – Meet the 2nd & 4th Tuesday evenings @ PFPC 6PM
Sunshine Nursery School – Director, Cathy Davis
Teachers – Sherry Mills, Debbie Richards, Mary-Catherine Sheridan & Miss Carey
Special events and activities take place throughout the year, September-May, Tuesday-Thursday 9AM-1PM. An Open House is held each September to begin the year and commencement is held the following May. 
Sarah Hill Brown Award for Early Childhood Education – In 2008 Sunshine Nursery School was honored with this award. Since 1975 SNS has offered a program for 4 and 4 year olds to develop spiritually, emotionally, socially, mentally and physically within a climate of Christian love and acceptance. Known for its legacy of caring teachers and its waiting list, the nursery school has consistently provided high quality care for young children, meets a vital Christian education need in this rural community, and involves the church members in many aspects of its operation. 
Vacation Bible School – VBS is held annually, usually in July for 5 evenings Sunday – Thursday. 
Confirmation Class – Pastor and Elder for Christian Education lead interested youth 12+ through a monthly preparation class from September through March/April. 

Clerk of Session – 

Ginny Taylor

Fellowship Committee

Jo White, Elder Chair
Members:  Lisa Ballou, Donna Gammon, Trudy Van Dyke, Jordan Wingenbach, Allison Christian, Ellen Davis, Chip Wilder, Paul and Marion Davis, Marcia Gardy, Margaret Adamson & Cathy Davis.

The Fellowship Committee serves to promote a sense of community among the congregations’ members, neighbors and friends by planning and holding small and large group events where food is served.  The committee organizes the provision of food items for events that include Confirmation Reception, Family Game Night, Veterans Day luncheon, Sunday School kick-off, New Member Sundays, and Church Picnic.  It arranges for outings such as Faith Night at the Diamond. It assists with church-wide fundraisers that support the community, such as Souper Bowl of Caring.  It also helps in times of bereavement to coordinate meals for the families of loved ones who have passed away, and to oversee the provision of food items for funeral receptions.

Good Samaritan Committee

Jamie Gray, Elder Chair
Members of the committee are Martha Martin; Gilda Black; Ruth Adams and Keith Fuhrmeister.
The committee assists neighbors and those in need of financial assistance as requested through calls or contacts to the church. (Help with rent, utility bills, food, and emergencies).
Service Camp Team Martha Martin (chair) Members are Ayars Lore & Keith Fuhrmeister.

Nominating Committee

Elder Chair
Members elected by the congregation for 2022 include Paul Davis, Ruth Adams, Barbara Lore, Margaret Adamson and Ruling Elders, serving by choice of session are Jo White & Jim Wallace, and Pastor Cindy Kissel-Ito as a non-voting ex-officio member. 
The Nominating Committee is made up of active PFPC members and is representative of the entire congregation containing at least two Elders (and the Pastor, as a non-voting ex officio member). The committee nominates persons of faith, dedication, and good judgment to serve on the Board of Session.  The committee is elected annually to create and present Ruling Elder candidates to the congregation, and other tasks, as assigned by Session. The committee is dissolved by the congregation at the conclusion of the year.  Committee meets as needed in various locations.

Nurture Committee

Outreach/Media Committee

Ginny Adamson Taylor, Elder Chair
Our mission is to reach beyond the congregation to transform lives through God’s love by listening, praying, thinking, sharing and serving and to provide a nurturing environment that welcomes visitors and individuals seeking Christian fellowship.
The committee oversees church advertising, media communications, the web site and FaceBook.  

Web & FaceBook Team is a sub-committee of Outreach
Members include Ed Batkins, Barbara Lore, Cathy Davis
Members have the authority to change & update the web site and FaceBook page as

Planning & Finance Committee

Nathan Richards, Elder Chair
Treasurer – Paul Robinson
The Treasurer position is elected annually by session to understand fully the Church’s financial position and investigate and recommend to the Planning and Finance Committee any issues needed to ensure the financial stability of PFPC.
Bookkeeper – Nathan Richards
The Bookkeeper position is accountable to the Treasurer and the Planning and Finance Committee, and its duties include: to collect, disburse, maintain accurate records of and report monies received by the church.

The committee is responsible for long range and annual budget development.  The budget, developed with the input from committees in our church and the Treasurer, is approved by the session.

Policy & Personnel Committee

Ruth Hopke, Elder Chair
Members include Jim Wallace, Clerk of Session; Barbara Lore, Jo White, Ellen Davis, Leigh Quick and Pastor as an ex officio member.
The committee is responsible for developing policies and procedures of PFPC for session’s consideration and approval.  They are responsible for conducting the annual performance evaluations and compensation recommendations for the Pastor and staff.  The Policy and Personnel Committee meets as needed.

Stewardship Committee

Davis Gammon, Elder Chair
Members include Ginny Adamson, Ellen Davis, Ed Batkins, and Rebekah Davis
Committee is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the church’s ability to give their time, talents and treasures.  They provide high visibility throughout the year to align the congregation’s personal goals for their giving and their time along with PFPC’s need to maintain and grow their mission in the area. 

Worship Committee

Leigh Quick, Elder Chair
Members include Sherrill Smith, Margaret Adamson, Johanna Davis, Linda Adcock, Cathy Davis & Lisa Ballou
The Worship Committee works with the pastor and music director to help coordinate all things related to worship.  Committee members provide for the preparation of the sanctuary, flowers, decorations, paraments, furniture for special services, cross drape, Advent & Lenten candles, communion elements, and elders who serve communion.  Worship Committee meets immediately following 11AM worship service as needed, usually on a quarterly basis.

Youth & Young Adult Ministry Committee

Johanna Davis, Elder Chair
Members include Gilda Black, Donna Gammon, Margaret Adamson & Ginny Adamson.
The Youth and Young Adult Ministry Committee is sub-divided into different components.  There are current aspects of the youth group where the mission is to develop our youth in Christ. With a multitude of activities and volunteer work throughout the year the committee continues to expand our youth’s knowledge in Christ, while growing their different aspects of teamwork and fellowship through Christian values. Another aspect is the planning, oversight and implementation of the “In God’s Hands” service camp in the summer. The goal is to have our youth grow in their faith through hard work and volunteering to provide relief in different ways in the surrounding communities.

Youth Bible Study
Youth Bible study/Dinner is held the 2nd Sunday monthly from 5-6PM at PFPC.  See church calendar for the most up to date information.