Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow PTP

  YESTERDAY – Olivet Chapel 1856-1934

  TODAY – PFPC Townsend Road 1934 –

  TOMORROW – Pocahontas Trail Property

Since 1766 our congregation has worshiped in more than a few locations and for more than 80 years under the name of Providence Forge Presbyterian Church, and now we have taken the first step on our path into the future.  On Wednesday, April 1, 2009 church members Martha Martin, Dwight Johnson, Pastor Steve Hodges, Ayars Lore, Susanna Hickman, Howard Gammon, John Phelps & Paul Robinson attended the closing for our new property located at 10100 Pocahontas Trail.  The church purchased 12.9 acres from Gwynn Prideaux and Edwin Rhyne.  This purchase marks the end of a 5 1/2 year search and the beginning of a new era for our congregation.

Philemon 1:6
And I am praying that you will put into action the generosity that comes from your faith as you understand and experience all the good things we have in Christ.

Financial Update of PTP January 27, 2013
Jim Wallace;s Report Summary
April 1, 2009 Loan Balance $400,000
April 1, 2011 Loan Balance $389,190
January 4, 2013 Loan Balance $48,980
March 29, 2013 Loan Balance $0
At closing in 2009 the plan within a few years was to wrap the unpaid balance into a construction loan and re-amortize the new balance. After the first BFF in 2001 the finance committee recommended session make a lump sum payment of $50K which began 18 months of aggressively attacking the loan arriving at the current balance of $48,980 with the expectation of full payoff before year’s end.  March 31, 2013 Loan Balance $0

July 24, 2016

PTP Building Summary Since March 2016

  • Evans Co. as a consultant empowered SilverCore to look at the topographical plot plan from 2009 Grady & Associates and give us a budget of numbers for surveying,site engineering and storm water management. (About $16,000).
    PTP Committee regrouped with Stewart Evans on May 9 to see what else they had accomplished from their original plan and we spoke mainly about comparisons to other churches that had built similar square footages. The main drive after was to, for now, continue to explore what, if any alterations, need to be done to the rental property so that it can be found if it could/could not be used with the phase 1 on the new church. Reservations were brought up that the cost to alterate the rental property would be higher than the cost to just knock down and/or subsidize the land.
  • The committee wanted further exploration about the rental property so after a few discussions with the head building official at NKC, we were advised to get a layout of the rental property and an updated site plan (early version) of the proposed new building. This would allow illustration of how the rental property is set up as is now and how it would interact with the new building. The main purpose was to show that the need for alteration would be low if all ADA requirements were met in the new building that minor if any changes would be needed at the rental.
  • There were older sketches of the rental property but the versions didnʼt match in a number of ways. Pete and HVD set up a walk through of the property with the renters in the first week of June to take measurements and give a much more detailed sketch.

They then met with the head building official at NKC on 6/8/16 to show him the sketch of the new building and whatʼs currently in the rental property to ask for guidance in terms of what alterations would be needed.

  • Overall, Clarence Jackson (building official) didnʼt feel the rental property would need alterations if we are just using the home for additional sunday school rooms and that all Ada requirements would be in the new building which he agreed seemed to be the case. Overall theme that he agreed with was that if someone with an ADA requirement, their needs could be met in the new facility and not have to have access to the rental property.
  • CJ did say that an architect would ultimately need to get involved on the new building regardless but we would have to work on changing the new structure to a “non-separate mix use.” This is because of how we use Sunshine during the week and thus probably a wall separating that back Sunshine wing from the rest of the hall which is very close to what we have drawn in our sketch already.
  • With the Rental property – CJ said the egress exits are the biggest priority. The occupancy limit will determine how many egress exits would be needed. So in short, if we want to leave access to the entire house, additional egress might have to be added but if we were just planning on using small bedrooms in the middle for Sunday school, we may be able to “block” the master with a keyed dead bolt or something of the like. We would need someone to address it we decide which areas would be used. There would need to be egress lighting, exit signs posted in areas, make sure smoke detectors are up to code, just to name a few. But from the sounds of it, doesnʼt sound like much cost at all.
  • Clarence recommended we set up a meeting with the Design Review Committee of New Kent to go over a site plan that Silvercore would make (early version and has been made) that would offer a conceptual of the two buildings with the lay of the land. The DRC meeting would have building officials, VDOT and fire marshall to name a few. The hope is that this meeting will give us a big pieces of information that will affect our budget which are concerns about the rental property and to what degree, if any, would we have to have a deceleration lane to the property. Jeff Staub from Silvercore has agreed to come to the meeting with Pete and HVD to assist in answering technical questions regarding the site plan.
  • After the meeting we hope to have the numbers we need to start working towards launching a capital campaign and and getting a full set of plans drawn up.

Next Steps

  • DRC meeting with NKC 8/3 will give more answers towards budget
  • Early August launching Go Fund Me for Supplemental fundraising towards the church.
  • Sit back down with Evans and Finalize budget which tells what we have to raise which guides us towards a start date on the capital campaign.


Hayden Van Dyke and Pete Adamson met with the New Kent Plan Review committee on Wednesday, August 3, 2016.  We received confirmation that we could use the existing dwelling for some of our Sunday School needs while in Phase 1 of the project.  The committee gave good feedback and were receptive to the plans to date.  Absent was VDOT, so we have yet to learn what, if any, road improvements they would require for us in Phase 1.  We will continue to pursue an answer to this question.

PTP Update April 5, 2017

Progress is being made on PTP & new church building plans.  Two major obstacles have been (orally) addressed in our favor – possible deceleration lane on RT 60 and possible use of the dwelling for Sunday School.  Based on preliminary discussions with county officials, a deceleration lane would not be required at this stage and with minor modifications, the dwelling could be used for some Sunday School activities.  Your session has approved the expense of having a set of full plans to be drawn.  We expect to see these in 4-6 weeks.  The preliminary floor plan will be made available for our review and modifications.  We look forward to presenting these plans to the members and getting your feedback.