Policy Manual

Table of Contents


I. Policies

A. Administration Responsibilities – Tower I – Pete Adamson, Jamie Gray, Ayars Lore & Nathan Richards

1. Policy for Administration – includes information related to Buildings and Grounds, Planning and Finance, Policy & Personnel, and Nominating

2. By-Laws

3. Public Health

4 Sexual Misconduct

5 Policy & Personnel

6 Nominating

7 Planning & Financial

a Financial Practices

8 Buildings and Grounds

B Christian Life Responsibilities – Tower II – Paul Davis, Patty Robinson & Mary-Catherine Sheridan

1 Policy for Christian Life – includes information related to Worship, Christian Education, Fellowship, and Nurture.

2 Children and Youth Protection

C Community and Mission Responsibilities – Tower III – Davis Gammon & Jo White

1 Policy for Community and MissionGood Samaritan, Outreach & Stewardship

D Other Policies

1 Elders on Duty

2 Funerals

3 Marriage

4 Pastor Visitation

5 Session Covenant

II. Practices/Procedures

III. Position Descriptions

A. Administrative Assistant

B. Music Director

C. Substitute Musician

D. Clerk of Session

E. Treasurer